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Independent Reading Presentations (Book Talks)
by Lawrence Butti, Mineola High School, Garden City Park, NY (October 2015)
This student book talks lesson (grades 9-12) cultivates the practice of independent reading in students.

Using Visuals to Promote Understanding
by Katie Greene, West Forsyth High School, Cummings, GA (September 2015)
Using visuals to promote understanding through creating the “body biography” of a character with colors, graphics, and designs.

Literary Analysis Reading Group
by Courtney Morgan, Skyline High School, Idaho Falls, ID (July 2015)
This lesson (grades 10-12) shows how students are actively engaged in identify specific literary concepts in readings.

Final Course Project
by Janis Mottern-High, Twin Falls High School, Twin Falls, ID (June 2015)
Grade 12 AP students are given an opportunity after AP exams to reflect “on the works and authors that have touched them the most”: analytical and creative.

A Song Analysis Project
by Rebecca Britten (April 2015)
This project (grades 11-12) connects song lyrics with contemporary social values/qualities/ideas, based on an American literature lesson on the Great Depression that demonstrated similar connections.

Review of Tone Words, Definition of Theme, and Passive vs. Active Voice (grades 9-12)
by Jordan Kohanim, Northview High School, Johns Creek, GA (March 2015)