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The National Day on Writing is coming on October 20, and you’re invited to celebrate with NCTE! This year marks our 10th anniversary, and we’re looking forward to all the different ways people take part in this annual celebration of the power of words. One way we’re marking the occasion is with NCTE Writes, a member-exclusive FREE professional learning opportunity aimed at providing ideas and inspiration around teaching writing!

Each weekday from Monday, October 1, to Friday, October 19, members who sign up for NCTE Writes will receive an email that

  • focuses on a specific topic related to writing each day.
  • shares ways to celebrate writing on October 20 and throughout the year.
  • provides free NCTE resources, including book chapters, journal articles, blog posts, position statements, and more, curated to each day’s writing-related topic.
  • highlights writing wisdom and inspiration from NCTE members.


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“Writing is art we all have inside of us and need to share with the world. Writing is a way into the mind and heart of the self and others.” –Carol Battle, member

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