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May 2020 What’s Next in English/Language Arts Curriculum?: Deadline Aug. 1, 2019

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Greetings from the editors
As former middle level English language arts teachers, we know well the joys and challenges of teaching middle level learners. We hope that Voices from the Middle will continue to serve you as a vibrant source of professional development, highlighting best practices in the craft of middle level teaching, pieces from middle grades and young adult authors, and even ideas, responses, and celebrations from the students we serve. We hope to do so with a growing attention to offering our readers interactive and multimodal content. We welcome your participation in growing YOUR journal in ways that make an impact on your students and your teaching.

—Sara Kajder (The University of Georgia) and Shelbie Witte (Oklahoma State University)

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May 2020 What’s Next in English/Language Arts Curriculum? These calls for “What’s Next” are an opportunity for us to look closely at what is happening right now in our classrooms—and what we see coming next. For this issue, we focus in on the “what” of our teaching—the texts, textbooks, and curriculum we use. Do you use a textbook to do smart and compelling work? What are the “must teach” texts that make up your non-negotiable list? How does your system engage in personalized learning? How do we best use/transform/deploy/imagine the programs and curricula we receive? This issue invites you to push against and challenge our thinking. What do we need to do next? And, what does innovation include? Submission deadline: August 1, 2019