Sara Kajder
The University of Georgia

Shelbie Witte
Oklahoma State University

Editorial Assistants
Heather Anderson
Oklahoma State University

Will Fassbender
The University of Georgia


Division Director, Publications
Kurt Austin
NCTE, Urbana, IL

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Pamela A. Crews
NCTE, Urbana, IL


Voices from the Middle Columns and Column Editors

Student Voices
Linda Rief
Oyster River Middle School, Durham, NH

New Voices
Christopher Lehman
The Educator Collaborative, NY

Notes from the Nerdy Book Club
Donalyn Miller, Cindy Minnich, Colby Sharp, and Katherine Sokolowski

Everyday Advocates
Cathy Fleischer
Eastern Michigan University

Research Voices
Lisa Scherff
McREL International, Honolulu, HI

Connections from ReadWriteThink
Lisa Storm Fink
NCTE, Urbana, Illinois