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College English Themed Issue

Scholarly Editing: History, Performance, Future

In English studies, the invisibility of scholarly editing exists in reverse proportion to its influence: journals and collections, textbooks and scholarly editions comprise much of the creation, circulation, and certification of knowledge, yet scant disciplinary attention has been paid to either the tensions and opportunities inherent in this work or to editorial role itself. The April 2019 issue of College English will address itself to this lacuna and so invites proposals of essays related to scholarly editing and the role of the editor. Such essays might include but are not limited to

  • Historical accounts of editors or editorial practice
  • Impact of digital/media access on editorial practices
  • Examinations of changes in or to editorial practice
  • Description and assessment of graduate and undergraduate classes focusing on editing practices
  • Investigation of current issues facing editors
  • Editing as intellectual work: research, administration, service

Proposals (~250 words) should describe the proposed argument, method, evidence, and implications of study. Proposals are due 1 July 2018.
Questions and proposals should be sent to collegeenglishjournal@gmail.com. Please include a short cv and use “Scholarly Editing Proposal” as your subject line.

Estimated Timetable

1 July 2018: Proposals Submitted
1 August 2018: Essays Invited by Editor
1 November 2018: Invited Manuscripts Submitted
15 December 2018: Manuscripts Returned with Response from Editor
1 February 2019: Revised Manuscripts Submitted

April 2019: Issue Published

Call for Proposals: College English Special Issues

College English is seeking proposals for special issues to be published in September 2019 and September 2020.

Proposed issues should bring attention to an area of English currently underexamined, yet of rich potential importance among the range of disciplines that comprise the CE readership. Each issue will be not more than 17,000 words, inclusive of all reviews, etc.

In addition to describing how the described topic fulfills these criteria, special issue proposals should describe the solicitation and editorial process for manuscripts. Please include vitae for any proposed editors and describe any prior editing experience.

Members of the College English editorial board will serve as special issue reviewers. Thus, proposals should be addressed to an audience representing a broad array of expertise.

Please submit special issue proposals to collegeenglishjournal@gmail.com.

Proposals should be submitted by July 15, 2018.