Just for Parents

Explore these resources for parents and caregivers on reading, writing, talking, helping with homework, and playing with children.


Chatting It Up at Home by Rita Moore

Encourage Writing by Jane Baskwill

Imaginative Play by Jane Baskwill

Is Homework Good by Jacinta Cashen

Javi Can Write by Suzanne Scarboro

Learning to Read and the Pre-school Years by Lorraine Wilson

Listening to Children Read by Lorraine Wilson

Parents as Strategic Reading Partners by Bobbie Kabuto

The Question Game by Jane Baskwill

Young Children Writing by Lorraine Wilson

Fact Sheets

What Whole Language Is Not: Common Myths and Misunderstandings

12 common myths about whole language are dispelled in this Fact Sheet from the Center for Expansion of Language and Thinking (CELT).

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Lesson Plans


Try one of these ReadWriteThink lesson plans from WLU members today!

In this ReadWriteThink strategy guideTracking and Supporting Student Learning with Kidwatching” you’ll learn how to use kidwatching to track and support student learning. Teachers observe and take notes on students’ understanding of skills and concepts and then use the observations to determine effective strategies for future instruction.



From Stop Signs to the Golden Arches: Environmental Print
Devon Hamner, Grand Island, Nebraska
With thirty years of teaching experience, Devon’s area of expertise is primary education, especially language arts instruction. She is a member of NCTE and the Whole Language Umbrella (WLU), the Central Nebraska Reading Association, the Nebraska Reading Association, and is an active participant on the TAWL (Teachers Applying Whole Language) listserv.

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Exchanging Ideas by Sharing Journals: Interactive Response in the Classroom
Renee Goularte, Magalia, California
Renee holds a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education, is a member of NCTE and the Whole Language Umbrella (WLU), and participates in the TAWL (Teachers Applying Whole Language) listserv.

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Bridging Literature and Mathematics by Visualizing Mathematical Concepts
David Whitin, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
David is Professor of Elementary Education at Wayne State University and has also taught at the University of South Carolina and Queens College in New York City. Prior to his university teaching, he was an elementary school teacher and principal. David has collaborated with Phyllis Whitin for many years on their joint interests in inquiry learning and the connections between language and mathematics.

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Middle / Secondary

Exploring Consumerism Where Ads and Art Intersect
Peggy Albers, Atlanta, Georgia
Peggy taught middle and high school English, drama and speech for 15 years before becoming an associate professor of English and Literacy Education at Georgia State University in Atlanta. She is a well-known writer, past editor of Talking Points, and presenter and researcher in literacy and English education.


Weaving the Threads: Integrating Poetry Annotation and Web Technology
Nancy Patterson, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Nancy is assistant professor of Literacy Studies in the School of Education at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan and also serves as Literacy Studies Program Coordinator. Nancy taught middle school and high school English for almost 30 years in a rural district in mid-Michigan. She is past chair of NCTE’s Assembly on Computers in English (ACE) and past chair of the NCTE Middle Level Section.