This year at the 2018 NCTE Annual Convention we’re creating a brand new space where the various communities that make up the vast NCTE network can showcase their work and invite new members.

To aid in this effort, NCTE will create one-page flyers for each of our assemblies who complete this form by October 31. We appreciate that this is a short turnaround but hope that most of this information can be pulled from your existing resources.

This ATEG one-pager is an example. We will feature these as handouts on easy-to-navigate displays.

Please fill out this form by October 31 to have a flyer created for your Assembly. We will design and print these for you.

We look forward to celebrating the role your assembly plays within the NCTE community and hope that this opportunity to share your work with the thousands of teachers who will be joining us in Houston brings more awareness to your important work!