Form an NCTE Student Affiliate

NCTE Student Affiliates provide the opportunity for preservice teachers to network and gain experience in professional learning and leadership. Currently, there are 30 student affiliates.


Benefits of Affiliation with NCTE

  • Encouraging collaboration of student teachers of the English language arts at your college or university.
  • Becoming a member and participant of NCTE builds upon young teachers’ integrity as a future English teachers, and clearly shows their dedication to the teaching of the English language arts.
  • Connection to a national network of professionals working to improve the teaching of English language arts.
  • Representation on the NCTE Board of Directors.
  • Information on a wide variety of projects and programs from the Affiliate/Assembly Lending Library and ability to share ideas and information with other leaders through the affiliate discussion list.
  • Information on NCTE through the NCTE website.

Rules for Student Affiliation with NCTE

Apply for Affiliation


Process Advice

  • To insure you meet the membership requirement, it’s far easier in the long run to collect and submit with your application the NCTE memberships from the (at least) 10 members, including the officers, who are members of your student affiliate.
  • Unlike regular affiliates that usually have steady numbers, the members of student affiliates come and go relatively quick (in one-two years.).
  • Because the membership of student affiliate changes over annually, must of the “glue” that holds the group together resides in the faculty sponsor.
  • Sometimes pairing up “older and younger” (e.g. senior and junior) students to hold the various offices works well to provides continuity. This helps to make sure that a student who knows how to hold the office and how to operate within it remains on the board and can train a new officer.
  • The best thing your student affiliate can become is a group that meets the needs of its members.  The worst thing would be a group that did not meet the needs of its members.  This means that the “flavor” of the group will likely change from year to year.