NCTE Executive Committee Nominees

Candidate biographical information will be available soon.

For Vice President (one to be elected; term to expire 2019):

  • Marshall George, Hunter College, New York, New York;
  • Alfredo Celedón Luján, Monte del Sol Charter School, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For Secondary Representative-at-Large (one to be elected; term to expire 2021):

  • Ivelisse Ramos Brannon, Central Park East High School, East Harlem, New York;
  • Julia E. Torres, Denver Center for International Studies, Montebello, Colorado.

NCTE Nominating Committee

(one to be elected from each group; term to expire 2019):

Group A (from the Elementary Section):

  • Jennifer McDonough, The Pine School, Hobe Sound, Florida;
  • Patricia C. Paugh, University of Massachusetts, Boston;
  • Detra Price-Dennis, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York.

Group B (from the Middle Level Section):

  • James Blasingame, Jr., Arizona State University, Tempe;
  • Jason Griffith, Arizona State University, Phoenix;  
  • Megan Beth Hedgecock, Region 13 Education Service Center, Austin, Texas.

Group C (from the Secondary Section):

  • Sarah Andrew-Vaughan, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Michigan;
  • Sarah Ressler Wright, R.B. Hayes High School, Delaware, Ohio;
  • Diane R. Waff, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Group D (from the College Section):

  • Sarah Hochstetler, Illinois State University, Normal;
  • Debbie Minter, University of Nebraska, Lincoln;
  • Donna Pasternak, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

Group E (from the Secondary Section):

  • Ewa McGrail, Georgia State University, Atlanta;
  • Rebekah O’Dell, St. Michael’s Middle School, Richmond, Virginia;
  • Carolyn D. “Carrie” Perry, Prew Academy, Sarasota, Florida.


Other Election Candidates

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Conference on English Education (CEE)

Meet an NCTE Leader
Jocelyn A. Chadwick, NCTE President

Jocelyn A. Chadwick brings more than 30 years experience as a teacher, scholar, and author to the role of NCTE President. Spending the first ten years of her career as a high school English teacher, Chadwick went on to inspire young minds at higher learning institutions in Texas. She recently served as professor of English at Harvard University in the Graduate School of Education and is now a guest lecturer at Harvard. She is also a nationally recognized Mark Twain scholar.