Current Elections and Nominations for 2019

Help shape the future of NCTE by nominating yourself or a colleague for an office in NCTE, ELATE, or TYCA. The 2018-2019 Nominating Committees are now accepting nominations for the 2019 elections.


Call for Nominations for NCTE Offices

Call for Nominations for NCTE Sections, ELATE, and TYCA Offices


Deadline for submitting nominations by email or mail is November 1, 2018.


Below is a listing of the available positions open for election. For information on the responsibilities and activities involved in the positions go to “Job Descriptions.”


Vice President (from the Secondary Section)
Elementary Representative-at-Large
Middle Level Representative-at-Large
Trustees of the Research Foundation
2019-20 NCTE Nominating Committee

Elementary Section

2019-20 Elementary Section Nominating Committee

Middle Level Section

Middle Level Section Steering Committee
2019-20 Middle Level Section Nominating Committee

Secondary Section

Secondary Section Steering Committee
2019-20 Secondary Section Nominating Committee

College Section

College Section Steering Committee
2019-20 College Section Nominating Committee

ELATE (English Language Arts Teacher Educators)

ELATE Executive Committee
2019-20 ELATE Nominating Committee

TYCA (Two-Year College English Association)

TYCA Associate Chair


QUESTIONS: If you have any questions about the nomination process or need further information, please contact Linda Walters-Moore at NCTE Headquarters

Meet an NCTE Leader
Jocelyn A. Chadwick, NCTE President

Jocelyn A. Chadwick brings more than 30 years experience as a teacher, scholar, and author to the role of NCTE President. Spending the first ten years of her career as a high school English teacher, Chadwick went on to inspire young minds at higher learning institutions in Texas. She recently served as professor of English at Harvard University in the Graduate School of Education and is now a guest lecturer at Harvard. She is also a nationally recognized Mark Twain scholar.