Each year nominations are made by a nominating committee elected by the membership in the spring. The 2018-2019 NCTE Nominating Committee members are Detra Price-Dennis, Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, New York, chair; Megan Beth Hedgecock, Region 13 Education Service Center, Austin, Texas; Doug Hesse, University of Denver, Colorado; Ewa McGrail, Georgia State University, Atlanta; Donna L. Pasternak, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee; Rebecca Sipe, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti; and Diane R. Waff, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

NCTE Executive Committee


Vice President

The candidate elected to the post of vice president serves on the Executive Committee for four years, succeeding to the posts of president-elect, president, and past president. The vice president works principally on affiliate relations and serves as liaison with several Council committees.


Valerie Kinloch

Renée and Richard Goldman Dean and professor, school of education, University of Pittsburgh; executive member, AERA Consortium of University and Research Institutions; cochair, Remake Learning Council
Formerly: professor of literacy studies, associate dean, Ohio State University; assistant professor, literacy studies, Teachers College-Columbia University
Membership(s): NCTE, CEE, AERA, LRA
Award(s): NCTE Advancement of People of Color Leadership Award, AERA Outstanding Book of the Year Award, NCTE Rewey Belle Inglis Award for Outstanding Women in English Education
Publication(s): Articles in American Educational Research Journal; CCC’s, Departures in Critical Qualitative Research; English Education; English Journal; English Teaching: Practice and Critique; Gender and Education; Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism; Research in the Teaching of English; Theory into Practice; Written Communication; chapters on literacies and equity in: Adolescent Literacies: A Handbook of Practice-Based Research; Celebrating Twenty Years of Black Girlhood: The Lauryn Hill Reader; Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies: Teaching and Learning for Justice in a Changing World; Handbook of Writing Research; Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies; SAGE Guide to Curriculum in Education; books including: Harlem on Our Minds: Place, Race, and the Literacies of Urban Youth; Crossing Boundaries—Teaching and Learning with Urban Youth; June Jordan: Her Life and Letters
Program Contributions(s): NCTE, AERA, CCCC, LRA, NCTEAR, ELATE, International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry

It is my honor to have been elected as NCTE’s next Vice President. Being a member of NCTE for more than 20 years has allowed me to partner with, learn from, and be inspired by dedicated educators from around the world who have an unwavering commitment to language and literacy teaching, learning, practice, and research. The lessons I have learned from our colleagues have significantly impacted my work as an educator, a researcher, and an administrator. They have also strengthened my commitment to standing in solidarity with others and advocating for justice and equity in education. While this work is not easy, English language arts educators know all too well that this work is absolutely necessary. As we move forward—as an organization and a profession—I will seek to do my best to contribute to the mission of NCTE in ways that build on our collective strengths in light of the many challenges we face.

Elementary Section Representative-at-Large

(term to expire November 2021)

A representative-at-large serves for two years on the Executive Committee, advising on needs and interests of classroom teachers.

First grade teacher, Shades Mountain Elementary, Birmingham, AL
Formerly: K–6 classroom teacher, Birmingham, AL, New York, NY, and Bronxville, NY
Membership(s): NCTE
Award(s): NCTE Donald Graves Award for the Teaching of Writing (2007); Alabama Teacher of the Year (2015), National Teacher of the Year Finalist (2015)
Publication(s): Of Primary Importance: What’s Essential in Teaching Young Writers
Program Contribution(s) NCTE, Alabama Literacy Conference, Mid-South Literacy Conference, Alabama Education Technology Conference, Dublin Literacy Conference

Position Statement: NCTE is my professional life source. Decades of learning from NCTE mentors have transformed my teaching. The organization has ignited a fire for advocacy, bravery, and a two-hands-on-the-shoulders urgency in my work toward the eradication of racism, discrimination, and bigotry in the profession. I strive to be the professional who does right by kids, honors the legacy of the leaders who’ve gone before us in this organization, and brings forth the new generation of leaders and learners changing our world and NCTE for the better.

Middle Level Section Representative-at-Large

(term to expire November 2021)

A representative-at-large serves for two years on the Executive Committee, advising on needs and interests of classroom teachers.

Middle school English teacher, campus instructional leadership team, new teacher mentor, The Joe Barnhart Academy, Beeville, TX
Formerly: English teacher, grades 4–8 (12 years), Teacher liaison PTO
Membership(s): NCTE
Award(s): NCTE Middle Level Educator Award (2018), TCTELA Middle Level Educator Award (2019)
Program Contribution(s): TEKSCON 2018

Position Statement: Once I found out about NCTE, I realized how much I missed out not knowing about such a varied network of support, yet a network that shares the same heart. Every leader within NCTE should continue to reach out to educators and help meet the needs that vary from every walk of life, teachers and students included. Leaders should have a current grasp of our learners today and our digital world that cannot be avoided in education. We can no longer shut the doors and demand results from our learners; instead, learning should be an experience for all and NCTE should be the organization to light the way.

Trustees of the Research Foundation

(term to expire November 2022)

A trustee of the Research Foundation serves for a three-year term, passes judgment on research proposals received from the field, and manages fiscal resources of the Foundation.

Professor and Brackenridge Endowed Chair in Literature and the Humanities, UTSA; Linguistic Society of America Program Committee; American Dialect Society Nominating Committee
Formerly: AERA Division C New Faculty Mentoring Program Chair; AERA Research Focus on Black Education SIG Chair; CCCC Stage 3 Reviewer
Awards: Ford Foundation Fellow, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi
Publications: Oxford Handbook of African American Language; African American Women’s Language; Sista, Speak! Black Women Kinfolk Talk about Language and Literacy.

Position Statement: My goal is to be a beacon of inclusive excellence and diversity for NCTE mission and goals for its varied scholars and educators. I will use my variety of leadership and research experiences to serve and guide NCTE in its mission and goals for research and pedagogical excellence.

Associate professor of teacher education, California State University, Long Beach; cofacilitator, NCTE Asian/Asian American Caucus; social scholar, AERA Writing and Literacies SIG
Formerly: Codirector/teacher consultant, BAWP; middle school English teacher/district literacy coach.
Membership(s): NCTE; NCTE Asian/Asian American Caucus; LRA; AERA Division K; AERA Writing and Literacies SIG
Award(s): Transformative Teacher‑Educator Fellow
Publication(s): Articles in English Teaching: Practice & Critique; English Journal; California English; Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education.
Program Contribution(s): NCTE, CATE, AERA, LRA

Position Statement: The NCTE Research Foundation has a rich history of incorporating diverse scholars’ voices to deepen our knowledge of language, literacy, and cultural studies across P–20 spaces. In these perilous times of political, ideological, racist, and linguistic attacks on researchers and research, teachers and teaching, youth and learning, I would use my place on the Trustee board to continue moving NCTE’s work forward, in coalition, supporting innovative, equity-focused, methodologically diverse researchers and research that make a difference in classrooms and with youth, centering voices that are too often silenced or dismissed in larger conversations.

Assistant professor, language and literacy, AERA Division G cochair, multiple language and literacy section, Michigan State University.
Formerly: secondary English teacher; guest coeditor, English Education; lead guest coeditor, Journal of Literacy Research.
Membership(s): NCTE, AERA
Award(s): Cultivating New Voices Among Scholars of Color Fellow, Promising Researcher Award, Edwin M. Hopkins Award
Publication(s): Articles in English Education, English Journal, Urban Review, Research in the Teaching of English, Journal of Literacy Research; coeditor, Journal of Negro Education; Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice
Program Contribution(s): NCTE, LRA, AERA

Position Statement: As a Black male scholar-activist, my classroom and research reflect the autobiographical. That is, my racialized, classed, and gendered selves impact who I am as a scholar-activist—they cannot be detached. My commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion extends through my research, teaching, service, and outreach. I am centrally concerned with equipping students, youth, faculty and staff, and communities to embrace a radical imagination where we (re)imagine the world not as it currently is but what it has the potential to become.

NCTE Nominating Committee

(term to expire in August 2020)

A nominating committee member gives regional and teaching-level representation to the elective processes of the Council and helps to choose candidates for other posts as well as the nominating committee for the following year. The person receiving the most votes serves as chair.

Associate professor, Queens College Graduate Center; codirector, English education; NCTE Standing Committee on Research
Formerly: High school English teacher, assistant principal; JAAL Editorial Board, Language Arts Review Board; CEE Early Career Award Committee; AERA Teacher Education Division Travel Award Committee
Membership(s): NCTE, LRA, AERA, ELATE Commission, Social Justice, Dismantling School‑to‑Prison Pipeline
Award(s): NCTE CNV Fellow, AERA and AATC Dissertation Awards, CEE Research Grant, Queens College Presidential Teaching Award
Publication(s): JAAL, English Journal, English Leadership Quarterly, Review of Research in Education, American Educational Research Journal; coauthor, Policy, Professionalization, Privatization, and Performance Assessment
Program Contribution(s): NCTE, LRA, AERA, AATC, AAACS


Position Statement: As a member of NCTE since 1998 in various capacities, I value the role of its critical leadership in English education and in my own teaching and scholarship. I would like to serve on the Nominating Committee in order to contribute, in collaboration with colleagues, toward recruiting officers who will also seek to promote critical dialogue and social justice in our field during challenging local and national sociopolitical contexts.

High school ESOL and Newcomer teacher, Lewisville High School Harmon Campus, Lewisville, TX
Membership(s): NCTE, North Texas Council for Teachers of English Language Arts, North Star of Texas Writing Project
Award(s): Teacher of the Year, Lewisville High School Harmon (2012), Texas Council of Teachers of Language Arts Teacher of the Year (2016)
Publication(s): “My Life, My Stories: Reading, Writing, and Belonging in the ESL Classroom” English Journal

Position Statement: As a teacher and advocate of culturally and linguistically diverse students, I am committed to advocating for educators to view linguistically diverse learners through an asset lens. I believe we should leverage students’ cultures and lived experiences in the classroom. As a member of NCTE’s nominating committee, I will strive to advance the participation of culturally linguistically diverse secondary educators in leadership r

First grade teacher, Slate Hill Elementary School, Worthington, OH
Formerly: Second grade teacher (3 years); NCTE Elementary Lead Ambassador
Membership(s): NCTE, OCTELA
Award(s): NCTE Affiliate Leadership Development Award (2016)
Publication(s): Creativity Does Not Equal Art Skill, The Robb Review; Giving Myself Time, Teach Write Blog; Building Writers, Not Scribes, EduCarter Blog
Program Contribution(s): NCTE, OCTELA, OWP

Position Statement: I am honored to call NCTE my professional home. The connections I’ve made over the past few years with colleagues around the world have positively impacted my teaching practices. From discussions of equity, diversity, and social justice for classrooms, to implementing LGBTQIA texts in the elementary classroom, the conversations have been more than profound. My focus as one of the nominating committee members will be to inspire all educators to see NCTE as their professional home to collaborate and communicate diverse topics and issues in a positive light, keeping what is best for all children at the center of the conversations.

Digital teacher librarian, West Jefferson Middle School, CO; Technology Committee chair, West Jefferson Middle School; executive treasurer/secretary, Colorado Language Arts Society
Formerly: Middle school ELA teacher (10 years), Middle Level Section Steering Committee (2013–17), president, Colorado Language Arts Society (2010–11)
Membership(s): NCTE, CLAS
Publication(s): Articles in Voices from the Middle; CLAS: Currents
Program Contribution(s): NCTE, CLAS, Get Your Tech On

Position Statement: NCTE represents a myriad of teacher voices, and those voices should be represented in the many venues provided by NCTE. Finding energetic and passionate leaders is a must for keeping NCTE at the forefront of English language arts education. I would be honored to help find those voices.

Diversity, Equity, and Poverty resource teacher, Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY.
Formerly: Itinerant elementary teacher of African American history, kindergarten teacher (14 years)
Membership(s): NCTE ECEA, PDCRT Cohort II
Award(s): Social Justice in Education Award, ECEA of NCTE (2018)
Program Contribution(s): ECET2 KY Equity Conference, 2018 Multicultural Education Conference, Sacramento State; The Day of Early Childhood, Atlanta 2016 (closing keynote speaker)

Position Statement: It is important that NCTE pull together with teacher‑leaders to change systems of injustice. Being a Black teacher who taught kindergarten, an itinerant class focusing on African American history, and currently as a teacher‑leader in a large school system, I’ll bring expertise to the nominating committee. Building professional communities and boldly speaking out against racism in our educational systems are what is needed to support educators to teach in anti‑racist ways.