May 7 Giveaway: NCTE Journals


Every year NCTE members turn out thousands of pages of research, resources, and the best and most current ideas in our field in 44 issues of NCTE peer-reviewed journals.

You may already have a subscription to one of these amazing journals, but today we’re giving you free access to an issue from each of the 10 different publications so you can get a sense of all they have to offer.

Happy reading, page turners!

May 8 Giveaway: Author Conversations


As English teachers, we have a special relationship with the authors whose words fill our bookshelves and our minds each and every day. They are our partners in turning the page for our students.

Today we’re sharing three exclusive conversations with authors who have captured our members’ attention over the last year. In videos featuring Deborah Heiligman, E. Lockhart, and Jason Reynolds, hear them talk about YA as literature and the complexity we can find in the best of that literature. Watch for your own enjoyment or share them with your students!

May 9 Giveaway: Book Chapters


In the hectic pace of the school year, it’s often hard to find the time for a deep dive into anything outside our daily lessons. That’s why the summer can be such a great time for professional learning.

Today we’re sharing free chapters from several books that offer insights, resources, and advice from successful leaders and that illustrate how teachers can support other teachers.

For the month of May, all NCTE books are 25% off with free shipping using the code APPRECIATE2018. Time to add some inspiration to that summer reading list!

May 10 Giveaway: Poster Giveaway


It’s important for teachers to celebrate each other, but it feels especially good when we are celebrated by those outside the classroom who really understand the complex and critical work we do each day.

Today we’re sharing a downloadable poster from one such champion of teachers. At NCTE’s Annual Convention last November, poet Jimmy Santiago Baca wrote and performed an original poem for attendees. This poster includes a quote from his powerful performance.

Teachers are page turners

May 11 Giveaway: Sticker Giveaway


All week we’ve been celebrating the fact that you’re a page turner—now you can let the rest of the world know this truth! Share your mailing address with us and we’ll send you this decal and a few to pass on to the other page turners in your life.