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Like the books that stick with a reader for a lifetime, you are a page turner. With each day in your presence, your students add words to their own stories. With each lesson you deepen the way they understand the world and offer new ways for them to write their own pages. You open doors into the past. You inspire the future. You are nothing short of amazing, and NCTE appreciates you.

We enjoyed celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with you and look forward to continuing to support the work you do all year long. If you participated in any of our giveaways this week, please fill out this short survey to help us improve the campaign next year!

May 6 Giveaway:

Stay Current with the Latest Research and Ideas from Colleagues in the Field


Happy first day of Teacher Appreciation Week to you, and a shout-out to the community that surrounds you and keeps you going in this work.

Page turners can’t do it alone.

Finding a group of educators—your Professional Learning Community (PLC)—to support you as you embark on this amazing teaching journey is vital. But what are the best ways to find your people? How can you create a supportive community that benefits everyone?

When you sign up for today’s giveaway, you’ll receive a curated collection of articles from NCTE’s peer-reviewed journals that address many issues related to building a successful professional learning community. Even if you’re already subscribed to an NCTE journal, this is an excellent opportunity to find out what other journals have to offer (and potentially find a new favorite resource)!

As an added bonus, when you sign up for today’s giveaway, you’ll be entered into a drawing to receive a curated set of journal articles (in PDF and/or printed form) on a topic of the winner’s choice (to be discussed with NCTE staff).


May 7 Giveaway:

#BuildYourStack with Book Recommendations from Colleagues You Trust

The right book in the right hands can transform a life.

NCTE members know this to be true. Reading is a vital way for both educators and students to make connectionsto the world, to themselves, and to each otherand to build a classroom community. Although we know reading the books your students read is an important form of professional development, we also know it can be difficult to find the right books to add to your classroom or school library.

That’s why today we’re offering curated lists of books highlighted in NCTE journals, NCTE awards, the NCTE blog, and Build Your Stack. These listsa co have been compiled by colleagues with deep expertise and offer a variety of titles that cover all grade levels, K–12.


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May 8 Giveaway:

Deepen Your Practice With Professional Texts Written by Your Peers

As educators, we all know that reading is an important form of professional development. Throughout the school year, it’s often hard to find the time for a deep dive into anything outside our daily lessons. But summer is the perfect time to focus on your professional learning, and it’s even more fun when you can do it with a group of your peers!

For the third year in a row, we’re excited to host our summer book club, NCTE Reads, which brings a community of passionate educators together to grow and improve their practice. We’d love for you to join us in this special corner of the NCTE community! Get a better sense of the learning that will take place (and get a sneak peek of this year’s title!) by signing up to receive free chapters of the current and former NCTE Reads books today!

Note that for the rest of this month you can get 20% off the nonmember price on all books in the NCTE store using code APPRECIATE19. (Members get 35% off the nonmember price using this code.)

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May 9 Giveaway:

Find Your Professional Home in the #NCTEVillage


If you enjoy #NCTEchat,, the #NCTEvillage, and #BuildYourStack, you probably already know that the genius behind these resources is teachers. Every journal article NCTE publishes, every book we print, every conference session that makes its way into our program is informed by the wisdom and expertise of teachers.


When someone becomes a member of NCTE, they are investing not only in their own professional growth, but in the growth of the profession. Member dollars fund an array of research projects, mentorship programs, and advocacy initiatives that all contribute to ongoing improvements in the teaching and learning of English.


This work is not possible without the support of tens of thousands of teachers. We are who we are because of our community. So for today’s give-away, while supplies last, we’re sending you a popsocket that you can use to signal your connection to this work.


Thank you for helping our field to grow!


Not a member yet? As an added bonus, when you sign up to receive today’s giveaway, you’ll be entered to win a full year of NCTE membership!


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May 10 Giveaway:

Meet 8,000 New Friends at the NCTE Annual Convention


There are many ways to engage with the #NCTEvillage virtually, but there’s nothing quite like meeting your people in person. That’s why so many people who attend the NCTE Annual Convention find creative ways to keep coming back. Over the span of four days, you have access to more than 600 sessions led by teachers and authors, and you’ll be learning with more than 8,000 colleagues from across the country and around the world.


But we know it’s not easy to convince administrators to grant you leave, and it’s even harder to secure funding to help pay for the trip. Sign up today to receive a toolkit for making the case to attend.


Never been to NCTE’s Annual Convention? As an added bonus, you’ll also be entered into a drawing for free registration.



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