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Join us for the second summer of NCTE Reads!


Starting June 1, 2018, we will be examining together Reading Challenging Texts: Layering Literacies Through the Arts by James S. Chisholm and Kathryn F. Whitmore (copublished by Routledge and NCTE).


We’re inviting all current NCTE members to participate in a month-long discussion via a private Facebook group where they’ll have the chance to discuss ideas from the book, ask questions of the authors, and create new resources together.

With a focus on teaching about the Holocaust and Anne Frank’s diary, the authors present the concept of layering literacies as an essential means for conceptualizing how seeing the text, being the text, and feeling the text invite adolescents to learn about difficult and uncomfortable literature and subjects in relation to their contemporary lives.

Download Chapter 1 to get a taste of the book!


We’re so excited to join your book club this summer! We appreciate your interest in Reading Challenging Texts. The book brings together subjects we care about immensely, including teaching challenging texts such as Anne Frank’s diary, integrating the arts in literacy instruction, and using multiple modes of meaning making to design and enact curriculum.

–James S. Chisholm and Kathryn F. Whitmore

A snapshot of the reading schedule:


Week starting on June 1: Chapters 1-2
Week starting on June 8: Chapters 3-4
Week starting on June 15: Chapters 5-6
Week starting on June 22: Chapters 7-8


We hope you’ll sign up to join us for NCTE Reads this year. Once we verify your membership status, you should get an invitation to join the Facebook group and we’ll get things started June 1!