Elementary Section Steering Committee

The Elementary Section Steering Committee (ESSC) members are elected each year to a four-year term. The Chair is elected from within the ESSC for a two-year term and serves on the NCTE Executive Committee representing the interests of the elementary membership.

Learn more through the ESSC Annual Report and ESSC Member Activities Responsibilities.

Kathryn Whitmore

University of Louisville
Louisville, KY
Chair 2016-2018

Eliza Braden

University of South Carolina

Kathy Collins

Durham, NH

Tasha Tropp Laman

University of Louisville, KY

Julia Lopez-Robertson

University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC

Prisca Martens

Towson University
Baltimore, MD

Sandra Osorio

Illinois State University,
Normal, IL

Scott Ritchie

Kennesaw State University, GA

Past ESSC Members

Questions or comments for the Steering Committee can be emailed to elementary@ncte.org


Mission Statement

The Elementary Section Steering Committee of NCTE is committed to the pursuit of justice and equity.  We believe that in an open democratic society we cannot argue for democracy and humanity unless we create for our children a more just and caring world.  To this end we are dedicated to the support and development of emancipatory pedagogies that counter official policies and mandates that narrow the possibilities for the teaching of the language arts in public schools.  We believe that it is essential that we resist any attempt that is made to separate school based language arts programs from the socio-cultural realities of children’s everyday lives.  Our task is to support the work of teachers as they work closely with their students and their families to build classrooms where everyone has an opportunity to participate in the conversation with a renewed consciousness of worth and possibility of their own language use and the literacies that they share.

—ESSC, January 2017