NCTE Connects

2017 was a fantastic year for NCTE. We launched the NCTE Village, a new website, and more, all to create a better experience for you, our members. With that same goal in mind, we will be transitioning to a new community platform, NCTE Connects, on January 8, 2018. We are always seeking to improve our members’ experience by creating connections and finding new ways for members to learn together. NCTE Connects is the next step in that process.

NCTE Connects has many of the same features as the current Connected Community. You’ll find that NCTE Connects has a familiar look and feel, with new features that enable you to share content even more easily.

Features that are the same as Connected Community:

  • Group Discussion: Allows members to ask questions of each other and learn together.
  • Groups: Lets members with shared interests create groups.
  • Member Directory: Allows members to network with peers.
  • Resources: Offers file sharing on a per-group basis.
  • Events: Allows members to create events and promote upcoming conferences, web seminars, etc.
  • Daily Email Digest: Offers a daily recap of community activities, with options for setting frequency.

New and improved features:

  • Messaging: Offers one-to-one and one-to-many direct messaging.
  • Featured/Outside Content: Makes available selected content from outside sources, helping members stay up-to-date on news and topics relevant to education.
  • Members-only Benefit: Unlike the Connected Community, where nonmembers could participate in select conversations, NCTE Connects is an exclusive benefit of membership.

We will be making the official change on January 8. To log in at that time, please go to and log in using the same credentials as your current NCTE account.

To learn more about the set-up and features of NCTE Connects, check out the short video below or download the PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several reasons for this change:

  1. While the Connected Community has proven to be a vibrant space for many, the activity represents but a fraction of our membership at present, and we have heard over the years that certain aspects of the Connected Community have made it difficult for new members to jump in and participate. The new design is made to be user-friendly and should prove more welcoming for newcomers, while still maintaining all the same capabilities for those who now use the Connected Community.
  2. One major factor in this change was cost. The new platform maintains all the functionality of the Connected Community at a fraction of the price, and thus is a better use of member dollars.
  3. One essential feature of any online community is its integration with the NCTE member database. This is what allows you to log in with your member account ID. NCTE’s current database must be updated this year, and the new platform will better integrate with that update.

Visit the NCTE Connects website and log in using the same credentials you currently use for your NCTE account (i.e., the same ones you use to log into the Connected Community).

Yes. You have the option to receive daily, weekly, or monthly email digests, as well as notification emails when someone comments on your post, sends you a direct message, etc. The default when you first log in will be to receive daily email digests. A single email will be personalized with updates for the groups to which you belong. To change your preferences, go to the Settings tab (the gear icon in the top right corner) and press “Preferences.”

Yes! Immediately after you log in, you are brought into the heart of NCTE Connects. The “home” page is now the equivalent of the Teaching and Learning Forum. We hope this space will be a vibrant place for conversation. You can access it at any time by pressing the NCTE Connects logo in the top left corner of the page.

We are working to import the last three months of conversation from the Teaching and Learning Forum into NCTE Connects.

While we hope you’ll want to share this interest with others in the main forum to create a larger conversation, you also have the option to find and create groups around specific topics of interest.

To do so, click the “groups” button (second button on the left-hand menu). From here, you can explore the groups that already exist by pressing the “Explore” button or press “Add Group” to create a new group. Groups can be closed or open. Closed groups require permission to join. We highly encourage you to check to make sure the group you want to create doesn’t already exist.

Yes to both. NCTE Connects is completely mobile-friendly, and we will be launching an app version in the coming months.

There are a few different ways to receive this information:

  1. Set your preferences to receive emails when someone responds to you. To change your email preferences, go to the Settings tab (the gear icon in the top right corner) and press “Preferences.” This is the option that is the most similar to the Connected Community.
  2. Check your email digest each day, week, or month. On each email digest you receive, it tells you in the top right corner how many notifications and messages you have.
  3. Check the NCTE Connects page itself. In the top right corner (next to your name), there is a bell. When you press it, it will give you a drop-down with all of your notifications.

Yes, absolutely. You can upload a resource one of two ways:

  1. When you’re posting an update: Once you click the box to begin posting your update, an “Attachments” link is visible in the bottom left-hand corner. Click this link to add a resource to your post.
  2. To the “resources” tab directly: Access “Resources” by clicking the third button on the left-hand menu. From here, you can upload a resource by pressing “Add Resource” in the top left-hand corner, or search for a resource that already exists.

Note: All resources will also be added to the “Resources” tab (third tab on the left-hand menu). This corresponds to the “Library” on the Teaching and Learning Forum. Any resource that you have access to (from either the main forum and any committee you’re part of) will be accessible via the “Resource” tab.

Yes. NCTE Connects has a direct messaging feature that allows one-to-one and one-to-many direct messages between members. To access this feature, press the speech bubble in the right corner of the top menu. To send a message, press “New Message” and search for the member or members you’d like to message.

One of the great features of NCTE Connects is that, in addition to allowing conversation between members, it also pulls in outside content sources to allow members to stay up-to-date on news and topics relevant to education. All content sources are hand-picked and represent sources that are popular with membership on other networking sites. If you have a comment or question about a source, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Navigate to the NCTE Connects home page (once you login, the first screen you see). Immediately under the “Post” area, you have the option to sort by “top stories” or “most recent stories.”

If you have any other questions, please send them to