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Mid-January Blog Wrap-Up

Member Ken Goodman advises, “It’s not enough to where you’re going. You’ve got to remember where you’re coming from. L’chaim, To life!” in On Being 90.

Member Kate Walker encourages her fellow teachers to Pay It Forward This Year: A Reminder That Generosity Is Contagious.

Member Valentina Gonzalez illustrates Culturally Responsive Teaching in Today’s Classrooms.

Member Sean P. Connors and guest writer Lissette Lopez Szwydky-Davis discuss Embracing Popular Literary Adaptations as Educational Tools.

Member Lara Searcy contends #WritingIs . . . Using the NCTE Professional Knowledge about the Teaching of Writing Statements in the Classroom.

In Collaborative Learning as Democratic Practice: A History, member Mara Holt references how collaborative learning reflected the cultural conditions of its time in her new book published with NCTE.

Millie Davis recommends answers to What Do I Do? They’ve Taken the Books Away.

Lisa Fink introduces her series on NCTE journals with Taking Language Arts into the Classroom and Taking Voices from the Middle into the Classroom.

Lu Ann McNabb highlights reports from eleven policy analysts in What Happened in Your State This December ranging from teacher shortages and pensions to ESSA, vouchers and sanctuary cities.