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Early January Blog Wrap-Up

Editorial Assistant Jens Lloyd describes (Re) Setting Expectations with the December 2017 Issue of CCC.

As part of the monthly series from the NCTE Standing Committee on Global Citizenship,  member Holly Johnson encourages Practicing Kindness through assigning books that “afford discussions of how kindness or consideration have the potential for understandings between people and perhaps, then, a better world.”

Member Zachary F. Wright explores The “Soft” Racism of the Well-Meaning White Liberal, Myself Included.

In Random Acts of Literacy: Celebrating the National Day on Writing (October 20, 2017), member Peg Grafwallner shares the responses of colleagues she surveyed.

Member Molly Ness illustrates how to Think Big with Think-Alouds.

In Support Your Students. With Your Help, They Can Change the World, Millie Davis shares the inspiring story of why the student members of SAGA (Straight and Gay Alliance) 6 and teachers from Mt. Horeb High School received an Honorable Mention for the 2017 NCTE National Intellectual Freedom Award.

Millie Davis warns that MPAA Ratings Are Not Curricular Guidelines and asks Who Can Speak Freely on Your Campus?

In Human Judgment and Writing, Lisa Fink continues her series on the 10 key issues outlined in the Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing.

Shalyn Getz gathers blogs published by members about the 2017 NCTE Annual Convention in the 2017 Annual Convention Blog Recap.

In NCTE in Washington, DC, Lu Ann McNabb describes two events: Improving Student Literacy: Leadership Needed at Every Level and Examining the State Role in Financing Public Education.

Lisa Fink offers an End-of-the-Year Wrap-Up with NCTE.

In Resolutions on the First of the Year, Lu Ann McNabb highlights the 2017 resolutions passed by members and encourages members to vote on the three recently emailed proposed resolutions.