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Late November Blog Wrap-Up

In this week’s Field Notes: Let’s Talk Taxes, executive director Emily Kirkpatrick encourages members to write their Congressional representatives and explain how proposals to do away with the following current tax breaks affect them personally:

  • The Teacher Expense Deduction
  • The Graduate Student Loan Interest Deduction
  • The Exemption for Graduate Tuition Waivers

Members can visit NCTE’s Action Alert page for information on writing their representatives.

The following blogs describe books published through NCTE:

Editor Julie Gorlewski offers a sneak peek at November’s English Journal: Death in the English Classroom.

Because of conversations spurred by the NCTE Committee against Racism and Bias in the Teaching of English, members Lorena Germán and Jazmen Moore recorded two videos. In Stop Wasting Time, Lorena urges her colleagues to make their lessons meaningful.  Jazmen Moore encourages her colleagues to reflect on their practice in Rethinking Woke.

Members Jacqueline Hesse and Christine McCartney and student Aboya Omot describe their global service-learning program from New York to Ecuador in “Time Well Spent and “A New Way of Seeing. “

Member Julia Franks offers an alternative view in Let’s Stop Pretending To Kill a Mockingbird is Progressive on Race.

Lisa Fink continues her series highlighting the ten key issues from “Professional Knowledge for the Teaching of Writing in “Conventions and the Relationship between Writers and Readers and “Everyone Has the Capacity to Write.

#NCTE17 has ended, but members can read and enjoy photos and videos in the following blogs: #NCTE17 Begins! and It’s the last day of #NCTE17. What’s next?