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Ideas for the Last Day of Class

End of School Year IdeasHere in the midwest, the end of the school year usually coincides with Memorial Day. Folks are already making plans for those last few weeks of school, including ideas for the last day of class. The following recommendations were shared in the NCTE Connected Community when a member asked for suggestions for an end of school year activity:

  • Give students a freewrite prompt – inspirational quote about the future, reflection on what they are proud of achieving in the course, words of advice to future students, etc. The student could have five minutes to write and then discussion can follow.
  • Invite students to complete a survey about the class or the semester and provide feedback. This can be done on paper or via Google Forms.
  • Play a game! Collect concluding paragraphs from novels that were read for the year. Ask students to reread each paragraph and see if they could recall which novel and author the paragraph was from, and then see if they could make some overall assertions about what great writers attempt to leave us with.
  • Spend 30 minutes leading them through a close reading of Elizabeth Bishop’s villanelle “One Art“.  A perfect farewell poem that encapsulates all the paradoxes of memory and forgetting!
  • Share Faulkner’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech – a good way to end the course and reflect on the meaning of literature as they leave the classroom.
  • Take time for a discussion on the topic, “How is what you have learned in this class affecting your life outside this classroom?” Students seem to genuinely enjoy presenting examples of direct effects of the class on their day-to-day existence, and the critical thinking necessary to make the connections between “real” life and education supports mastery and retention of the material.
  • Encourage students to make a video, providing suggestions for the next students of the class or course.

What ideas could you add to this list?