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#NCTEchat Sunday February 15 at 8pm ET


Check out this storify account of the #NCTEchat Scott Filkins (@scottfilkins) and Zanetta Robinson (@ZanettaRobinson)  hosted Sunday February 15. This lively chat explored the question: How should literacy learning be assessed?

These were the questions used in the chat and the resources that were shared for each:

Q1: What comes to mind when you hear the phrase assessment of literacy learning? #nctechat
Assessment Informs Instruction

Q2: What’s your favorite formative assessment strategy and why? #nctechat
Fifty-six formative assessment techniques

Q3: How do you involve students in their own assessment and growth? #nctechat

Q4: How do formative and summative assessment work together in your classroom? #nctechat

Q5 What changes in practice has purposeful formative assessment helped you to make? #nctechat

Q6: How does your school involve the broader community in decisions about school-based assessment? #nctechat

Assessment Standard on stakeholder involvement

Q7 In one tweet, what do policy makers need to know about assessment that supports equitable education?

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