NCTE English Journal Edwin M. Hopkins Recipients


Robert Rozema, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan, “Manga and the Autistic Mind.” September 2015

Honorable Mentions:

Donna L. Miller, Aaniiih Nakoda College, Harlem, Montana, “Cultivating Creativity.” July 2015

Amy Maupin, Transylvania University, Lexington, Kentucky, “From the Scroll to the Screen: Why Letters, Then and Now, Matter.” March 2016


Heather E. Bruce, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, “Subversive Acts of Revision: Writing and Justice.” July 2013

Honorable Mentions:

April Brannon, California State University, Fullerton, “Love That Poem! Using Imitation to Teach Poetry.” November 2012

Gregory Shafer, Mott Community College, Flint, Michigan, “Political Language, Democracy, and the Language Arts Classroom.” November 2013




Past Award Winners