Upcoming Awards


May 1: CEE Richard Meade Award
The Richard Meade Award recognizes published research-based work that promotes English Language Arts teacher development at any educational level and in any scope and setting. For the 2018 award, works must have been published between January 1, 2016, and December 31, 2017.

May 1: CCCC Outstanding Book Award
The CCCC Outstanding Book Award is presented for work in the field of composition and rhetoric. A work eligible for the 2019 award will have been published in calendar year 2017 or 2018.

May 1: NCTE Outstanding Middle Level Educator in the English Language Arts Award
This award recognizes exceptional English language arts teachers of grades 6-8 who have demonstrated excellence in teaching English language arts and inspired a spirit of inquiry and a love of learning in their students.

May 1: High School Teacher of Excellence Award
This award is given to high school teachers who are nominated by their state affiliates. All state, provincial, regional, and local affiliates can participate.

May 20: Geneva Smitherman Cultural Diversity Grant
This grant for first-time NCTE Annual Conference presenters offers up to two $500 awards who are members of groups historically underrepresented in NCTE and CEE.

June 1: CCCC Technical and Scientific Communication Awards
CCCC recognizes works in Technical and Scientific Communication across six categories. A work eligible for the 2019 award will have been published in calendar years 2017 and 2018.

June 1: CCCC Luiz Antonio Marcuschi Travel Awards
Two $1,000 travel reimbursement awards are available to scholars living and working/studying in Mexico, Central, or South America who have papers accepted for presentation at the 2019 CCCC Convention in Pittsburgh, PA.

June 15: Donald H. Graves Writing Award
This award recognizes teachers in grades K-6 who, through the teaching of writing, demonstrate an understanding of student improvement in writing.

There are are many affiliate award deadlines coming up as wellcheck them out.

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