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Find Yourself in the Stories of Teaching

Teacher Writer

Peg Grafwallner, Instr. Coach & Reading Specialist, Brown Deer, WI

Students Never Cease to Amaze Me

Shawna Easton, Secondary Section, Prosper, TX

This One Student

Kayla Roush, Secondary Section, Harrisburg, PA

Remembering the Student I Used to Be

Abigail Crane, Secondary Section, Overland Park, KS

2018 NCTE Summer Institute

July 9-11

Providence, Rhode Island

How do we engage today’s students, in today’s world, with literary and nonfiction texts?

Join veteran teachers Leila Christenbury and Ken Lindblom in answering these questions in an event that will advance your practice and transform your classroom!

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2018 NCTE
Advocacy and Leadership Summit

Each year NCTE hosts an event on Capitol Hill for members to push for policy changes that support our profession and to share the wisdom of our experiences with legislators who need to understand the impact of their decisions on the communities we serve.


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